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Tripping the Bits
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Tripping the Bits

A website about developing websites. Primarily with regard to the production, request, transfer, storage and display of data. To this end, you may see articles ranging from server programming to spatial data to client scripting.



I am building an open-source JavaScript map widget as a jQuery plugin.


I am designing a document-based storage specification that doesn't need a database server.


I built a jQuery plugin to abstract out some intricacies with the new web storage spec and provide fallbacks for older browsers.



My raw notes from FOSS4G NA 2012 in DC, enjoy!


A stream-of-consciousness case study on using jQuery Mobile, HTML5 appcache, and a little geo.

jQuery Geo 1.0a3 released!

Read the docs and have fun using the latest version, hosted on a CDN for the first time!

jQuery Geo at jQuery Convention

Gave my jQuery Geo talk at jQuery Conference Boston 2011!

FOSS4G 2011 notes

Some raw notes from FOSS4G in Denver. Enjoy!

jQuery Geo presentation

I gave a talk about jQuery Geo Boston jQuery Meetup.

Spatial REST API

A post about what a good spatial REST API could look like...

jQuery Geo talk

I'm speaking about jQuery Geo on July 13th for the Boston jQuery Meetup at Bocoup Loft.

HTML web storage talk

I'm speaking about web storage tonight at Bocoup Loft.

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